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December’s Pick of Winter Fruits and Nuts

December 15, 2015
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” –Andy Williams

And Nino’s works hard to keep it that way. Every day of the week, we make sure you have only the freshest, highest-quality produce at your fingertips.The following produce items are available throughout December. They make excellent choices for the holiday season.


GrapefruitNino’s is pleased to carry a selection of fresh, sweet Texas and Indian River grapefruit.
Texas grapefruit is at its sweetest and juiciest from fall to late spring, and the red variety
actually originated in the Lone Star State. The Florida-grown Indian River grapefruits are
not only packed with flavor but also very popular during the holiday season. Full of vitamins
A and C, antioxidants, and fiber, both grapefruit selections make a nice addition to fruit
baskets, a tasty gift to box up all on their own,
a great snack, and a delicious inclusion at any meal. Remember, a grapefruit half at breakfast is both juicy and low in calories.

Fresh-Squeezed Juices

Nino’s carries fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juice,
both of which are full of flavor and vitamins. They are also
flash pasteurized for more flavor and a longer lasting taste. Orange_Juice
Fresh-squeezed tastes better, but did you know it’s also better for you? Take your orange and grapefruit
juice fresh squeezed for great taste, a bunch of vitamin C, and all of the benefits these fruit juices have to offer. Here’s a delicious recipe you can make with fresh grapefruit juice. Treating others to breakfast? Skip the hassle and order our Continental Breakfast Buffet, complete with fresh-squeezed juice.

Fruit and Vegetable Trays

Fruit_TrayThe holidays are a time for sharing, and that includes
good food. Whether you’re entertaining at home or
planning a contribution to a holiday event, we have
you covered with only the highest-quality selections.
Every day, we get fresh fruits and vegetables from the local produce terminal and use them to create various trays and platters available in Nino’s produce departments every day.  We also carry larger trays and platters for larger gathering on our website. When you pop into Nino’s, they’re yours for the taking—always fresh, always tasty.


Driscoll’s has been supplying sweet, juicy, premium berries Driscoll's Berries
for over a century, and we’re proud to stock them here at
Nino’s. Stop in for a fresh selection of quality berries, including the very much in demand Driscoll’s blueberries and raspberries. Berries make a tasty treat anytime of the year but also add extra sweetness to the holidays. Snack on them any time of  the day, add them to your recipes, and share them with your guests. They’re full of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, and bursting with flavor in each juicy bite. Don’t forget they’re not only great for eating out of hand, but berries can also play a starring role in drink and dessert recipes. And there’s always room for berries in salads or recipes like Butter Lettuce With Pecans & Blueberries.


MIxed NutsNuts are typically a big part of the holiday season, and we carry a large variety right here at Nino’s.
There’s no need to go looking anywhere else. Not when we carry a selection ranging from pistachios,
walnuts, and pecans to cinnamon praline almonds, mixed nuts, and more. Nuts make a great snack
because not only do they taste like a diet cheat but they’re also full of protein, vitamins, minerals,
omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy fats. Yes, unsaturated fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated)
are good for you in moderation, and when you eat nuts, the protein and fats you consume help you feel
full longer, so you’re not as likely to indulge in that extra slice of pumpkin pie. Nuts can even help keep
your cholesterol low when you partake of them as part of an otherwise healthy diet. All around, they’re a
win-win. And if you’re looking to give them as a gift, pick up a Nut Lovers or Chocolate and Nut tower from us at Nino’s.

Stop by Nino’s to get your hands on the best in this season’s fruit and nuts. Stock up and share with those who mean the most to you. Remember, the produce is always fresh, always quality, and always delicious here at Nino’s.


Deb said :
224 weeks ago

Great information Please continue and add more facts about nutritional benefits For example some studies indicate grapefruit (the whole fruit)helps with lowering bad cholesterol One caveat it may cause adverse reactions with certain meds Reply...

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