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Fresh, Quality December Produce

December 8, 2015
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What’s on your produce list this December? Whether you’re looking for the sweetest, juiciest apples; fresh cranberries for your traditional recipes; or plump cherries, we have you covered right here at Nino’s. The following produce items are available in December and make excellent choices for the holiday season.

Honeycrisp Apples

Even though the season is ending these apples are still in demand. They provide the perfect blend of sweetness and juiciness, with just the right amount of tartness for balance, and a nice, crispy bite.. Think a mixture of Macoun and Honeygold, and then drop by Nino’s for a batch for your family. Look for an apple that’s reddish-orange in coloring (more red than orange), fragrant, firm, and free of bruising and blemishes. Perfect for munching on any time of the day (and getting that daily dose of fiber and vitamin C), these apples are also great in gift baskets, winter salads, apple bread, apple crisps, and of course, apple pie.


Small Navel Oranges

You’ve seen it before—oranges so good they’re not just part of a gift; they are the gift. This time of year, small navel oranges are given in gift boxes, placed in stockings, and of course, added to fruit baskets. But they’re also just plain good for eating out of hand any time you want a tasty, healthy snack. These oranges have thick rinds, making them easier to peel, and substantial flesh that pulls apart into segments for no-frustration eating. Then, there’s the fact that they have no seeds, which is just icing on the cake. We offer a fresh selection of ripe, sweet, small navel oranges for your holiday season. Take home navels that are both shiny and heavy, fragrant, and free of spotting and shriveling. These oranges are excellent for candied fruit, juicing, holiday cocktails, and garnishments. And they’re full of vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium to boot!



Packed with vitamins C, A, and B-6, and teeming with calcium and potassium, pineapples are more than just sweet and delicious. They’re great for you too! Most people are familiar with using pineapple for glazing and garnishing those tasty holiday hams. Don’t be fooled, though. Pineapple is versatile and great in tasty holiday cocktails, and a range of other delicious recipes. Choose a pineapple that is firm and plump, with green, fresh-looking leaves. Find a full selection of the freshest, sweetest whole and cored pineapple right here at Nino’s.



What kind of holiday would it be without fresh cranberries? Whether you’re making homemade cranberry sauce, whipping up delicious winter cocktails, or garnishing salads, we have only the freshest cranberries waiting for you. Feeling crafty? There are a ton of cranberry Christmas crafts you can use to bring extra cheer to your holiday. An excellent source of vitamin C, cranberries are best when they’re vibrantly colored, shiny, plump, and firm to the touch.



If ever there was a produce item that feels like a dessert, it’s the cherry. Sweet and plump, cherries are perfect for eating one by one but are also quite good in cocktails and other adult beverages. They’re also great in desserts. And for all of that delicious goodness, they’re packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. When shopping for cherries, look for those that are both shiny and plump, with vibrant coloring and stems that are green and fresh-looking.


When you want only the freshest, highest-quality produce, look no further than Nino Salvaggio. We stock only the best for you, not only during the holiday season but also year-round. Stop by and fill your basket today.


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