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Hot Right Now: Nino’s Selection of Fresh, Hot Peppers

May 3, 2016
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I’m proud to say that we carry over 10 different varieties of peppers here at Nino’s. You will find these peppers in our produce section marked as “Specialty Peppers.” We have also placed a small tag, which displays the basic information about that pepper, on each selection to help you make a more informed decision.

Our peppers come out of Florida and Mexico, two of the best regions of the world in which to grow these peppers, and we carry them for you all year round.

Here at Nino’s, some of our best peppers include the following:

Hungarian peppers:

These are medium peppers that are harvested before they mature to help maintain their mild, spicy-pepper flavor. People tend to cut these peppers up in ring slices and toss them onto nachos, pizzas, sandwiches and salads. To pick a good pepper, look for peppers that are about the size of your hand lengthwise, rich in yellow color and firm in texture. This ensures that they add plenty of flavor and crispness along with beneficial nutrients, such as vitamin C, which is essential for supporting the immune system.

Hungarian Peppers

Jalapeño peppers:

They provide a medium-spicy flavor that works well in stir-fry meals and provides a smooth, tender texture. When you go to pick these peppers, look for selections that are smooth and firm. They are the most likely to provide good flavor. And good news: jalapeno peppers contain capsaicin, which is a potent oil that helps aid in weight loss and cancer prevention.

Jalapeno _Peppers

Poblano peppers:

These peppers have sweet, spicy heat flavor and a deep-green coloring. Their texture is tender and soft, making them outstanding for casserole dishes and stews. Picking out a firm pepper that is about six inches long and three inches wide helps ensure that your choice contains a good amount of beneficial nutrients for nourishing the body, such as fiber, which is essential for maintaining a healthy, functioning digestive system.


Serrano peppers:

Serrano’s come with a hot, spicy flavoring. These peppers are best raw and work great for making salsa and pico de gallo, and are good for tossing on top of salads. To pick good Serrano peppers that are high in nutrients, find brightly colored selections that are firm and smooth in texture and about three to six inches long. These peppers are packed full of vitamins A, B-6, C and K, making them outstanding for supporting both good health and a happy mood.


There are a number of ways to enjoy these and other delicious peppers, but here’s a dish I hope you’ll try: Chiles Rellenos (Stuffed Poblanos). Give it a whirl, and let me know how it turns out.

Stop in to Nino’s today to check out our selection of hot peppers at prices ranging from $2.99 to $5.99 lb. We carry only the freshest, highest quality produce for customers like you.


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