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Troy Nino’s is Remodeling

February 22, 2013
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Exciting things are happening at the Troy Nino’s!

If you have been in the store recently, you may have noticed some of the early signs that a remodel has started. You would be correct in thinking this! After a lot of hard work and consideration, we have started work on a plan to improve the shopping experience at our Troy location by expanding several departments.

The main area of the remodel will be at our service counters for the Seafood, Meat, Deli, Gourmet to Go, and Bakery Departments. As you know, these areas can get congested when we are busy. Walls will be pushed back and the counters will be moved around to create a better flow for our customers.

For our Deli Department to best serve you during the remodel, we recommend using our Deli 1-2-3. You can download the app onto your phone or iPad, access on our website, or use the kiosk near the front door.

We are also reconfiguring our grocery aisles to include a full aisle of gluten-free items, both frozen and dry, to make it easier for you to locate these products.

We thank you for your patience in advance, and we appreciate you bearing with us as items may not be exactly where you expect. As always, our staff will be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

The remodel is expected to be completed by mid March 2013. We are very excited for you to see the improvements.


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