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WDIV’s 2016 Vote 4 The Best

June 21, 2016
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WDIV has kicked off their Vote 4 The Best contest. The contest started on June 13, 2016 and will end on Sunday, August 7th, 2016. We have been nominated and won in the past because of your loyalty and support. We hope you’ll help us in this 2016 campaign as well as showing your support for your other favorite businesses in the greater Detroit area.

Nino’s is nominated for the following categories under SPECIALTY FOODS


Ethnic Specialty Grocery

Fresh Produce

Gourmet Food Products

Gourmet Grocery

Wine Shop

The contest rules permit you to vote once a day in each category. So how do you show your support and vote for Nino’s, you ask?

Click here and then select SPECIALTY FOODS. We’re proud to be nominated under Bakery, Ethnic Specialty Grocery, Fresh Produce, Gourmet Food Products, Gourmet Grocery, and Wine Shop.  Click on each category and vote for Nino’s by clicking on the Vote Now button.

You may vote once daily in each sub-category. For example, you may vote for one business in Best Nightclub, Best Wedding, Best Hair Dresser, and Best Coney Island.  You may then vote again in the same sub-categories, or other sub-categories, tomorrow.  You may not vote for 2 different business in the same sub-category on the same day.

It’s with your help that we have been nominated; we hope that with your help we can win this year as well.


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