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BBQ Reds

August 26, 2014
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As summer comes to a close, there are just a few more warm late afternoons to gather around the grill and enjoy some summertime barbecue.  There’s nothing tastier than barbecue chicken with fresh corn on the cob or marinated ribs with Nino’s Classic coleslaw. Whether your favorite BBQ sauce is more vinegar based or sweet molasses based, these wines will pair perfectly.

Heinz Eifel Shine Riesling Germany 2013
Riesling is always a terrific food wine no matter the season, but barbecue is a great pairing since it cools the spice. On a hot summer day, it’s great to have a chilled aromatic white like this to cool your own temp! Shine does just that with green-skinned fruits, like apple and lime, and ripe tree fruits like peach and apricot. If you’re going outside the box with Asian barbecue chicken or shrimp, you’ll have a pairing that not only shines but also sings!



Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viogner White Blend, California 2013
Honeydew, tropical fruits and peach round out the flavors of this summertime winner. This white pairs better with sweeter barbecue sauces since the bright acidity cleans the palate. Barbecue chicken or pulled-pork sandwiches are a winning bet.


Pedroncelli Merlot Dry Creek, California 2012 
The layered black cherry, blackberry and spice pairs perfectly with brisket or ribs. Velvety and lush, with medium tannins, it is soft enough that is doesn’t clash with the spicier sauces but dry enough to match with fattier meats.


J Lohr Syrah Paso Robles, California 2012
Pairing wine is all about complementing and contrasting, and this is a very complementary match! The smoky quality of the Syrah matches the smoke aromas in the air and notes in the meat. This Syrah highlights blueberry and black forest berries with a rich mouth-feel and full body.


Wild Oats Shiraz Central Ranges, Australia 2011
This is my go-to, must-have party pleaser for the summer/fall season. The first time I tried this wine, a smile broke out over my face. Sweet red fruits, with a juicy body and underlining vanilla, cinnamon and plum make this a terrific wine for anything off the grill. The best thing about this wine, which is soft-bodied and so good, is that for each bottle you buy, the winery buys a meal for Forgotten Harvest!

Wild Oats

Soak up every minute of the summer licking your fingers and laughing with friends. I hope these wines find their way onto your picnic tables and into your hearts!




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